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Wedding packet

The wedding packet embraces the «a wedding is the union of two families» formula.

Thus I started to produce special family trees for weddings, in which two families – other than uniting in a metaphorical sense – unite with ink on paper, with the bride and groom in the centre.

Not only does it perfectly fit with the wedding themes (colours, design, etc.), but it is also an attraction for your guests who will enjoy trying to find ancestors in common with you.

Once the celebration is over, the family tree will find its place at home.

The wedding family tree is also a great wedding gift idea.

We offer a variety of family trees to choose from, in order to satisfy any demand. They are customisable so that they will be a unique creation for a unique day.

The rates:

6 generations ancestors research of the bride and groom (64 x 2 = 128 people): € 590 *

*Rates are only valid if the bride and groom were born between 1980 and today. For a wedding packet for brides and grooms born before 1980, the price is to be agreed. Contact me.

Included in the price:

  • numbered copy of each ancestor’s birth, marriage and death certificate
  • professions research
  • research notes
  • family tree customisation
  • family tree print
  • gedcom file (to have access to the research on the computer)
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