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Ónoma is a young and innovative reality within the field of genealogy.
Our decade-long international experience allows us to conduct our genealogical research accurately and efficiently.
We offer our clients a variety of both standardised and personalisable services, among which our special package stands out for soon to be married couples: our studio’s exclusive way of celebrating the union of two families.

We operate in all of Italy, the USA, Latin America, Central America and other European countries.

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Charlotte Lekhal genealogista
who I am

Charlotte Lekhal

After first graduating in law and subsequently in genealogy, I worked as an archivist at the Historical Archives of the European Union, in Florence.
Driven by intense passion, for more than ten years I have helped people discover their origins.
Ónoma is a studio with the scope of making genealogy more democratic, accessible and modern, with just the right amount of a woman’s touch.

foto ritrovate durante una ricerca genealogica
My passion, my work


Genealogy is an actual science which sinks its roots in the past.
By combining their experience with their passion, a genealogist can investigate the past, build complex family trees, or find a distant person.

But that’s not all: genealogy is essential when searching for heirs, retrieving documents which, for instance, can certify one’s relationship with a specific country, or even to trace the ancestry lines of an animal, like a dog.

archivio genealogia
documenti genealogia originali

We were curious to learn about our ancestors, so we contacted Charlotte. She did an extraordinary job, by first delving into the past, and then further studying the lives of the ancestors that intrigued us the most. Divorces, legitimacies, medals of honor, sailors, our curiosity was satisfied. Charlotte is generous with her research, her work is precise and affordable for everyone.


Charlotte vastly excceeded our expectations. With very little initial information, to our great joy she managed to find my father’s American cousin and recreate the history of an entire branch of our family that moved to New York in 1900. Her work is meticulous and precise, and above all, she never gives up.


I strongly recommend Charlotte’s research work, which allowed my family to find our ancestors in German Switzerland, along with pictures and documentation, and to link them to notable historic people. Charlotte took on the challenge of creating links within this family of globetrotters, and then present us with clear, documented and accurate results which completed the missing pieces of our European genealogical puzzle.


My grandmother heard rumours that her dad was English and that specific research was necessary to find him… Then she died. Some years went by, and mine and Charlotte’s paths crossed. I gave her my name and my grandmother’s date of birth, and then, a month and a half later, to my surprise, I discovered that my great-grandfather was actually Belgian! With great perseverence and meticulousness, Charlotte continued her research until she found a photograph! Many thanks to Charlotte for her efficiency and professionalism.


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